What is a DAO?

I believe there is no single correct definition of DAO and it depends on you to show people how DAO works.

There are estimated more than 4,000 or more of DAOs exist now, check here (DeepDAO).

and there are more to come...

Here I would like to provide roadmaps and tools to help you build your own DAO.

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Here is a DAO guide.

Thoughts on BitDAO

Thoughts about VC and PleasrDAO x BitDAO

Here are some thoughts about DAOs:

DAO The Way Part 1: briefly describe how the idea was created and rules were formed

DAO The Way Part 2: layout the DAO Spectrum and idea on where organizations can form a DAO with their own goals

DAO The Way Part 3: go deeper into DAO structure in the different spectrum

DAO The Way Part 4: Humanity is a new trust in DAO

DAO The Way Part 5: DAO Onboarding is crucial and tricky, there are some ideas that share here

DAO The Way Part 6: Design value can help DAO to determine its focus

DAO The Way Part 7: There are 3 universal rules that DAO should impose to make it sustainable

DAO The Way Part 8: Discuss Barriers of Entry in different types of DAOs

DAO The Way Part 9: Decentralized leadership is about how to gather people and work together in a trustless environment

DAO The Way Part 10: DAO Tooling is an important topic to discuss, too many or too few tools are both not ideal

DAO The Way Part 11: This is my DAO journey feels like

DAO The Way Part 12: I re-examine what trust is in DAO

DAO The Way Part 13: Discuss organization structure in corporations and DAOs

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How can I get involved in DAO:

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