I shared research about Tokenomic and Economy in general:


Modern Economic Nonsense — Inflation and Incentives 

Modern Economical Nonsense — The Astrologist’s Way 

Modern Economical Nonsense — The VUCA World

Modern Economical Nonsense — Zug Tax and How to Run your Own Monopoly  

Modern Economical Nonsense - Participatory Economy 

Modern Economical Nonsense - Economic Models 

Modern Economical Nonsense — Tokenomic Models 

Modern Economical Nonsense — Design A Reputation-Based System 

Modern Economical Nonsense — The Money Problem 

Modern Economical Nonsense — The Treasury Problem

Modern Economic Nonsense — Bitcoin vs. Real Estate 

Modern Economic Nonsense — A very long term view 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Banking Collapse 

Modern Economic Nonsense — A Wall Street Legend

Modern Economic Nonsense — A Modern Alchemy 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Founder goes ghosting 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Anonymous cool or fool 

Modern Economic Nonsense — The market volatility 

Modern Economic Nonsense — The money shortage 

Modern Economic Nonsense — The web3 scams or not 

Modern Economic Nonsense — All about debts 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Metaverse is still relevant or not 

Modern Economic Nonsense — A Show of Recession 

Modern Economic Nonsense — A Myth of Valuation 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Inflation becomes irrelevant 

Modern Economic Nonsense — A journey of money laundering 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Consumer Sentiment Might Be Low 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Is payment technology still relevant in high inflation environment 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Recession is coming 

Modern Economic Nonsense — We are at the bear market, now what 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Invest like a cat 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Bitcoin leads the market recovery 

Modern Economic Nonsense — The dollar is dying slowly 

Modern Economic Nonsense — The current stock market wants to go back to 2019 but ignore the technological solution of the future 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Today’s fear, tomorrow’s cheer 

Modern Economic Nonsense — An engineering recession 

Modern Economic Nonsense — The market is broadening rug pull everyone 

Modern Economic Nonsense — The self-fulfilling recession 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Crypto is changing the advertisement business 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Blockchain phone 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Next generation of wealth 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Crypto winter prolonged with high inflation persists 

Modern Economic Nonsense — The era of currency debasement 

Modern Economic Nonsense — What if the Fed gets inflation all wrong 

Modern Economic Nonsense — The Bitcoin apocalypse is coming 

Modern Economic Nonsense — The Bitcoin reserve is coming 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Payment apps move away from the fiat currency 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Banks are seeking shelter in cryptocurrencies 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Inclusive blockchain 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Time to reinvent cryptocurrencies

Modern Economic Nonsense — Crypto companies’ bankruptcy wave is healthy  

Modern Economic Nonsense — The Bitcoin mining company is not profitable 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Crypto attracts more talents in the current market 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Why Bitcoin Maximalism will fail 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Gaming culture and crypto 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Global crypto regulations are coming 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Decentralization may not work as everyone expects it would 

Modern Economic Nonsense — Government opens ideas to the public about cryptocurrencies 

Random Thoughts:

The latest crypto secret weapon — Hyper-personalize shopping 

Russia Prohibits Crypto as a Legal Payment (What are the Consequences?) 

Cyber criminals using crypto mixing services are booming 

The Next Frontier of Gaming: Introducing the Metaverse 

Crypto VC becomes so chaotic 

We are heading into the debt crisis and crypto can help 

How Three Arrows Capital Missed Every Target They Aimed 

55% completion of Ethereum 2.0 means an unfinished product 

The dollar is ever stronger 

When Crypto gets into politics 

Bitcoin Reduces Cost Of Living 

Free education in crypto 

The banking system rules out the crypto market threat 

The US Stablecoin Bill is coming soon 

MetaMask Ethereum Wallet update to prevent scams  

How high leverage crypto lending market collapses 

What Metaverse?! 

Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig S. Wright won the legal case for £1 

Ethics of Crypto 

Crypto hacking is inevitable 

The parallel money system 

The Crypto has no greed problem 

Banks are secretly hoarding crypto 

Why there is not crypto banking exist 

Financial sanction to mixers 

The Future of Machine War II 

Why Gold System Comes Back 

Your future landlord is buying crypto 

Future of the blockchain 

The Ethereum Merge 

Smart Contract Ponzi Schemes 

Crypto can help to create meaningful jobs 

Crypto VC from WeWork to WeBack 

Misconception about Ethereum Upgrade aka Merge 

Misconceptions about the NFTs 

Opinions about Ethereum’s Future 


Arrested Tornado Cash Dev signals the next arrest maybe you 

Bitcoin’s Taro has a scalability doubt 

NFT Repurpose 

What Defi?! It is more like a Nofi 

The future of the economy is looming again 

CBDC is useless 

Ethereum is winning in the coming short term but privacy will be once to win for all 

AVAX Conspiracy 

Lessons Learned from the Global Economy Crisis (NFSW) 

Compound REKT 

Helium + Solana = ??

You need insurance for current inflation  

AVAX Conspiracy Part 2 

NFT licenses 

My opinion of neural networks as a philosophy 

Stock Market = Crypto Market, they are all the same 

How to combat rug pull individually 

Metaverse Winter is So Cold 

Ethereum Merge Count Down - Part 1 

Cult or DAO, You Decide

Ethereum Merge Count Down — Part 2  

The Fourth Dimension of the Crypto Universe 

GameStop Conversion 

Threats of the Crypto Universe 

Gambling of the Crypto Universe 

Bitcoin Mining Energy Myth 

NFT marketplace is quietly collapsing 

When Luna is a meme coin 

Ethereum Merge Count Down — Part 3 

A Dream of Interpersonal Computing 

Ethereum Merge Count Down — Part 4 

After Terra co-founder's Arrest Warrant 

A disappointed boring Ethereum Merge 

A disappointed First-Ever comprehensive framework 

Ethereum is a security now?! 

State vs. Individual 

Crypto loses its impression 

The currency crisis reaches its peak 

My opinion about inflation in the future 

When slow means better 

You just got fired 

When banks play double dipping

One of the biggest advantages and disadvantages in crypto  

AI vs Tornado Cash 

When fiat currency is volatile 

The core reason why Defi is not working 

What if you regret your crypto transaction 

What Did the Bank of England just Do? 

Decentralized Social Media is a BS 

A trust issue 

Not an expert 

Kim Kardashian’s $1.26 million crypto ticket 

The economy is bad, but how bad? 

Deglobalization is happening 

How unnecessary the blockchain bridge is 

Proof of Stake makes sense 

When the dollar is the protocol of the money 

The Metaverse and NFTs liquidity is drying up 

Bank of England goes barrrr 

What if the crypto goes centralized 

Burnt Hair 

Google’s Partnership With Coinbase 

Censorship resistance is the key to crypto 

Money of the money 

Crypto is not impressive in the high-inflation environment 

When West is Seeking Satoshi for Advice 

Taxes for digital assets 

Non Transferable Shares 

Crypto market is boring now 

Crypto culture is dead 

How to navigate the crypto space 

Web3 CEOs exit 

Guilty as charged 

Regulations of what 

Meta is dying 

How Bitcoin is fighting inflation so far 

Twitter the meme land 

When inflation has been politicized 

HUSD collapsed — another stablecoin is dead 

Apple refused crypto adoption 

When Twitter implements Proof of Work 

When crypto performs better than the stock market 

This has to be changed 

Inclusive against Exclusive 

Binance vs FTX 

FTX is gone 

Lost faith in crypto market after FTX 

How to survive in the crypto market barely 

How to survive in the crypto market barely Part 2 

Lesson learned 

Crypto regulations are coming 

How to crawl your lost back after the FTX 

Crypto has no idol 

Crypto is about to end its era 

What bailout 

Broken Promise 

And it’s gone 

Who nukes the market 

Common Fraud In Crypto Banks 

Staking vs Lending 

When crypto is not crypto anymore 

When privacy in crypto is worth to fight for 

Binance is the crypto bank of reserve 

The assumption of crypto bank is wrong 

How to prevent bank run when there is one 

How to crypto lending is dead 

How did crypto go wrong this year 

SBF is lying in front of the internet 

How to spot a crypto liar 

Is this the end of the crypto 

You need a Crypto debt management system 

Central bank is the mother of the crypto afterall 

When the economy is very bad 

When crypto bank is a shadow bank 

Invest NFT is a very bad idea 

Bitcoin is not dead yet 

Crypto companies continue bankcrupting 

Where the crypto is heading now 

Where the crypto boundary is a human fault 

Why CBDC is about to come and dominate 

Crypto fails one important economic indicator 

Why stablecoins 

Why Crypto VC fails 

Why Proof of Reserve is failing 

Why there are so many crypto frauds 

Why crypto has a fundamental design fault 

Crypto Ice Age 

Decentralization is the future 

Crypto payment system is the future 

Crypto bear market sucks but 

Zero Knowledge 

Crypto prediction of 2023 

Crypto prediction of 2023 Continues 

When the bear market continues 

When the deglobalization hits in crypto market 

Crypto enters into bearish trap 

Crypto has a trust issue 

Do not be surprised if the crypto market goes lower 

Why stablecoin keeps failing 

Inflation is likely staying longer 

Understanding Crypto Security — How to Protect Your Assets 

Things that do not work out in crypto after 14 years of its creation 

Crypto has a lying problem 

Crypto bro problem 

Crypto whales are exiting 

History repeats itself 

Banks stay away from crypto for now 

Disputes between DCG and Gemini 

New NFTs Trend 

Why play to earn is a slavery game 

Why AI is more convincing than blockchain 

Bitcoin bond is nonsense 

Bull market returns until 

Bitcoin got one more problem 

Deflation is coming 

The thesis against Crypto Exchanges 

Crypto liquidities 

Crypto bear market isn’t gone 

Does Bitcoin negatively correlate to the dollar 

Why Ethereum reputation is in question 

Crypto whales are secretly dumping 

Bitcoin is not efficient 

One more thing NFT can do 

Mother of all bubble 

Crypto is a good investment or not 

Say no to FOMO 

Market is up today but why 

What is up with the market today 

When the safest security got hacked 

Why the government tried to regulate crypto but fail 

Era of influence 

Serious of crypto 

Humanity in crypto 

Position of Crypto 

The only way 

Why staking is in trouble sort of 

Pressure Cooker Environment 

Growth vs Fixed  

Crypto selections 

Crypto is a security 

If you are in Crypto, you are stupid 

Terra is guilty 

How many people to manage the crypto bank 

Should you invest in speculation 

Crypto is in its own trap 

Rug Pull still can pull off 

Crypto Nation 

Fight for inflation 

Blockchain tradeoff 

Stricter regulations 

The absolute power of Bitcoin 

Crypto competition 

The problem with the Metaverse 

VISA quietly walks away 

Crypto exchange is not your bank 

Elon prefers AI over Crypto 

Crypto kills Crypto 

The Dog Show 

Stablecoin Crisis 

The financial crisis circle is coming 

Banks are riskier now 

Tron is under the radar 

Central Bank is Overrated 

Psychology of Bitcoin, Sort of 

Crypto crackdown 

The US Government takes profits from Bitcoin 

What AI and Crypto have in common 

Elon's Doggo 

Silk Road Bitcoin theft sentenced to one year in prison 

Hundred Finance got hacked and lost $7M 

Intel is no longer producing Bitcoin mining chips 

The SEC Chairman Testified 

BitBoy is straight to jail?! 

Fake CEO 

Is Crypto an empirical experience 

Mind Body Disputes 

Learning Crypto just got easier 

Major movement in Bitcoin blockchain 

Recession again?! 

Tornado Cash Dev got released 

US Banking has a crack 

When AI meets Solana 

One more hike 

Regional banks are worried 

Regional banks start collapsing 

When your representative is filthy rich 

The collapse of San Francisco is a warning sign of the future 

Diminish of return of housing is about to start 

Get your money out of banks 

Apple is your bank?! 

Coinbase apology 

Do Kwon is out 

When Crypto links to criminal activities 

Bitcoin economy is not working 

The economy is further cooling down 

Uncertainty of the future economy 

What really happened to the Silicon Valley Bank 

DCG vs Gemini 

Do Kwon is back to the jail 

San Francisco is collapsing 

Will SEC prosecute crypto influencers 

Atomic Wallet Hacked 

Regulators eye on Binance 

Lawsuits are coming 

What if Solana is a security 

Crypto vs SEC 

An unchanged Fed rate will have a bad impact 

Rumors of Bitcoin ETF 

Cage Fight 

The economy is changing… 

The downside of the Coinbase Debit Card 

Gemini vs. DCG 

DCG Dilemma 

We are at a recession, but the one you used to think 

Stock market is trading for a doom day 

Stock is trading like there is no tomorrow 

Economy is tanking 

SBF’s Trial 

Recession is coming, just not the kind you expected 

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